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KFA300 Mini Handheld Protection Relay Tester

Przedmiot nr.: 203081
Ipad size,built-in battery design,for on-site maintenance and testing of non-electric environment ,protection relay testing, secondary circuit inspect and secondary voltage and current testing.
Product Feature
  • SizeIpad size, aluminum alloy case,Very small and light.
  • Weight3.5kg ,Elegant and light, easy to carry and use.
  • Operational performance: high-performance FPGA,32-bit ARM microprocessor 1000MHz,
    smooth operation, 7.0-inch LED capacitive touch screen, full touch operation, mobile phone operation habits, display light transmission, non-reflective contrast, clear display for outdoor
  • Equipment self-protection function: voltage output short-circuit, current output open-circuit, temperature overheat protection.